I'm about 5 foot 7 inches .. in good company with Tom Cruise and Josh Hutcherson.

Confessions of a Vertically Challenged Guy – Alain Moggi


Cafe Fest 6 and 7 September 2014 : You Going?


[Material Moms] For The Love Of Crafts – Selena Quah

material world_productivity

10 Productivity Secrets You’ll Wanna Steal – Vanessa Tai


10 Signs You Need A Break – Tan Lili


This Is Way Better Than The Knee Defender – Deborah Tan

insecurity 2

[Love In Lines] When Insecurity Is Not A Bad Thing – Tan Lili


10 Things No One Told Me About Being My Own Boss – Deborah Tan

material world_porcelain the face spa

The Beauty Stop You Need To Make At Orchard Gateway – Vanessa Tai

bad habits 4

Habits So Bad, They’re Actually Good For You – Tan Lili

Young guy cleansing face with water at the sink

You’ll Want to Steal These Products From Your Man’s Grooming Regime. Here’s Why. – Denise Li

Despite what the TV series depicts, I think men and women can be friends without wanting to sleep with each other.

3 Things I Love About My Friendship With Guys – Denise Li


Material World Team Does The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

abundance parenting

[Material Moms] Abundance Parenting VS Scarcity Parenting – Cherie Tseng


Found: A Beauty Sanctuary In The Heart Of Town – Vanessa Tai

today you tomorrow me 2

The Day A Taxi Driver Made Me Cry – Tan Lili

material world_broken heart

[Love In Lines] When Love Is Not Enough – Vanessa Tai

Harry's - Sausage Platter & Fancy Pizza

Nobody At Marina Bay Financial Centre Knows What A Good Lunch Place This Is! – Deborah Tan

depression 3

Why Are We Romanticising Depression? – Tan Lili

material world_travel

3 Ways To Go On Vacation Without Leaving The Country – Vanessa Tai


9 Problems You’ll Face If Your Partner Is An Insomniac – Denise Li


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