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The One Thing You Should Never Lose – Vanessa Tai

The outlet at Palais Renaissance

[Material World x Renaza Wellness Lifestyle Lab] Chemical Peel For Dry Skin, Found – Tan Lili

Who wants skin like a Korean celebrity????

A Parking Stamp Inspired This Beauty Product – Deborah Tan

taylor swift love advice

[Love In Lines] On Taylor Swift’s Love Advice – Tan Lili


Cool Ways To Beat The Heat – Tan Lili


I’m Graduating. Now What? – Matthew Fam

Golden Goddess Crystal Quartz Ring Oia Jules $165

Learn the Ropes from Shareen Wong of Embrace Jewellery – Denise Li


Your Full-Time Job Is Not More Important Than My Freelance One – Deborah Tan

Couple watching TV together

These 9 Movies Have Cheated Your Feelings – Matthew Fam

Lunasol Soft Contrasting Cheeks, $58

Lust-Worthy Limited-Edition Makeup You Need This Season – Denise Li


[Material World x Triple Dry] Motherhood: It’s A Sweaty Business! – Deborah Giam

Aggressive woman

Am I A Horrible Friend Because Of This? – Matthew Fam

The Heart Of The Matter – Tan Lili

One final glimpse at this beautiful store and it's on to check it out in person, ok?

You Need To Check Out This New Shop On Club Street – Deborah Tan

love in lines vanessa 2

[Love In Lines] Is It Only True Love When It Hurts? – Vanessa Tai


Grammar Rules, Revisited – Tan Lili


[Material World x Breathe Pilates] 30-Days Pilates Challenge – Matthew Fam


[Material Moms] Learning To Live With Unsolicited Advice – Kelly Ang


The Fitness Story I’ve Been Afraid To Write – Deborah Tan


7 Lies You’ll Hear About Millennials – Matthew Fam

Material Mom Beverly with her husband Chris

[Material Moms] The Sound of Music: A Review – Beverly Burgess


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